Insects possess an outstanding ability to create a spark of curiosity that will lead to a passion for lifelong learning and discovery. Entomica showcases insects to our visitors and uses their fantastic forms and diversity to provide inspiring and educational experiences. Our focus is on personal interaction. Our immersive exhibits go beyond static displays to create unique hands-on experiences for visitors of every age and background.


Knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff tailor interactions with our living insect collections to the comfort level of each visitor to create a unique, individual experience. With this combination of fully interactive displays and personal interaction we have created a physical and intellectual space where curiosity for insects and the biological world can be nurtured and thrive.


Entomica draws upon the strengths of the surrounding communities to catalyze partnerships that promote community engagement with scientific endeavors and conservation efforts in the region. Entomica is an entity where passion, discovery, and wonder meet to create a dynamic learning environment.

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